Poem with a Line by Matthew Rohrer
it’s 2:17 pm why
not pour another rum & Fanta
there is something about a photograph
that poisons the heart I’ve been
thinking about how all the important
& insignificant events of the day
are basically the same
to the extent that I’ll remember neither;
I’ve been thinking about how
to Satanists Satan isn’t Satan
but a symbol of pleasure & justified
excess; is hedonism in & of itself
a noble end; I don’t really care if
it isn’t I enjoy enjoying; I’ve been thinking
about how deeply I’ve ruined myself;
I’ve been thinking about quitting everything &
trying to make it work in Oklahoma;
I haven’t really been thinking about that;
what’s the difference between
thought & fancy; desire & fantasy;
blasphemy’s so near to prayer as to
be almost indistinguishable; I confess
I haven’t thought of you in many months
though I have dreamed; & how much
sweeter, the dream; your face now
would only taint the reality that I invented
so lovingly; I confess these dreams
involve consuming your blood; I confess
nothing; I regret nothing; I am ashamed
of nothing at all, nothing; I confess my heart
was poisoned long ago; but look at the sky; I’m still here


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